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The National Research Council Canada (NRC) represents a powerful partnering option for anyone looking to push the boundaries of science and industry. For a hundred years, the impact of our work with industry leaders and other government bodies has shaped Canada's future. Over the years, we have partnered with some of the most creative and solutions-driven minds in the world. Now, we want to partner with you. Be part of our collective force to help address Canada's current and future technology challenges. Let your expertise and inspirations make an impact by joining NRC.

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Boucherville - Québec

Research Officer - Functional Nanomaterials Synthesis (123-16-0443)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

Research Officer – Bioanalytical Micro-Nano Devices (123-16-0444)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

Halifax - Nova Scotia

Administrative Assistant (10-17-0197)
Closing date: 30/06/2017

Laval - Québec

Industrial Technology Advisor – Cyber-security (10-16-0481_1)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

London - Ontario

Industrial Technology Advisor – Digital technologies and/or Software (10-17-0050)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

Montréal - Québec

Director, Research and Development (99-16-1282)
Closing date: 07/07/2017

Ottawa - Ontario

Program Officer (2 positions) (10-17-0202)
Closing date: 27/06/2017

Research Officer, Building Acoustics (145-16-0760)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

Program Advisors (2 positions) (10-17-0192)
Closing date: 30/06/2017

Industrial Technology Advisor – Software and/or Information Technology (10-17-0213)
Closing date: 08/07/2017

Apply soon Manager, Data Management (24-17-0149)
Closing date: 22/06/2017

New Client Services Team Leader (12-17-0168)
Closing date: 04/07/2017

New Policy Advisor (11-17-0203)
Closing date: 05/07/2017

New Technical Officer (145-17-0095)
Closing date: 04/07/2017

New Client Services Manager (12-17-0169)
Closing date: 04/07/2017

Rouyn-Noranda - Québec

Industrial Technology Advisor - Mechanical, Geological or Industrial engineering (10-16-1252)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

Toronto - Ontario

Industrial Technology Advisor – FinTech, Software and Data Analytics (10-16-1201)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

Vancouver - British Columbia

Metallurgist: Mining Wear and Corrosion (146-16-1117)
Closing date: Posted Until Filled

New Technical Officer- Materials Engineering (146-17-0055)
Closing date: 06/07/2017